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We Love India

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We Love India

I had my first trip to India last year. One word - WOW!
It was so inspiring and wonderful that I began planning another trip there as soon as I landed back in Australia. I loved the people most of all, however, the shopping and Haveli's were pretty amazing too.

To be honest, i didn't expect to love the place so much. I travelled with good friends who had been many times before, and knew the ropes, so to speak. We also had a driver in Delhi and Jaipur who helped enormously to make the trip so enjoyable. I purchased as much as I could carry back with me (plus a little excess luggage and freight!) Most of it sold in the shop within weeks of my return and we are still making clothing from the hundreds of metres of linen and cotton I purchased. 

I also didn't expect to develop a relationship with an ethical manufacturer in Delhi. The relationship has blossomed since my return and we are planning on launching our first small run of indigo block printed garments on cotton and linen in early April 2020.

Stay tuned for more about this little collection and in the mean time, be inspired by some of the photos from my trip...



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