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    Dowry 60 Vulcan St, Moruya

    60 Vulcan St, Moruya

    One of a Kind

    Handcrafted by local artists & makers.


    Special Gifts

    Unique and eclectic, something for everyone.


    Creature Comforts

    Cushions and curios for the home.



    • November 01, 2020 Making Lemonade
      Making Lemonade What a year. Never has the word "unprecedented" been used so much! Life has certainly given most of us lemons this year. And sometimes it's difficult to remain positive. But, for me, life is better when you look for the silver linings. 
    • April 20, 2020 Get Stuffed Polyfill
      Get Stuffed Polyfill Like many others on the South Coast of NSW, both my home and business were threatened during the recent bushfires over the Australian Summer of 2019/2020. ... Read More
    • March 15, 2020 The Seabird
      The Seabird

      Late last year we were asked by a stylish friend and customer, (Karen Motyka), to help her with the finishing decorative touches on a luxurious lodge just north of Moruya called The Seabird... Read More

    • March 05, 2020 We Love India
      We Love India

      I had my first trip to India last year. One word - WOW!
      It was so inspiring and wonderful that I began planning another trip there as soon as I landed back in Australia. Read More