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Refreshed and Reset

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Refreshed and Reset

Gosh! what a crazy roller-coaster ride this year has been. This little business has pivoted and adapted and rolled with the punches and now re-emerged out of lockdown by pressing the reset button. 

It was tricky trying to stay positive about the world during lockdown, let alone the economy and retail in general. The goal posts kept changing and planning was almost impossible. I know it's been so hard for so many. Towards the last weeks of lockdown I fell into a nicer flow. And I began doing the things I moved out of the city to do. Like gardening without time constraints, exercising at the beach and in the bush with the dogs, home-making and cooking, long conversations about life with dear friends, and generally, refuelling my energy levels. 

So as part of my resetting and getting ready for possibly the  busiest season Dowry has ever had, I have promised myself to remember to work to live, not live to work. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB. But the truth is, I'm better at my job when I have a work / life balance. (who isn't?). And it's so easy to get carried away with work when there is always so much to do. Sometimes a morning at home pottering in the garden makes for a more productive work day. I will remember to take the time to burn the incense, light the candle, dig in the earth and organise my world so I can take big deep breaths of the good stuff. 


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