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Lavender Hydrosol: Pure Botanical Water

Sejlki Botanicals

Lavender Hydrosol: Pure Botanical Water


Homegrown Lavender flowers and leaves (Lavandula detata) picked on a warm cloudy morning at the beginning of autumn 2023 + Filtered rain water slowly hydro-distilled with love in a handmade copper alembic. 

Calm body. Warm heart. Steady emotions.

Skin - Enriched with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Use as face toner
- mist after cleansing. Powerful relaxant and tonic for the nervous system
- mist neck, shoulders and forehead for headaches, tension and stress.

Energetic Properties - A powerful sleep and dream ally. Acts as a smokeless smudge stick. Purifies and releases built-up negative emotions, mental and psychic energies.


Hand crafted by Tash Dusenjko of Sejlki Botanicals, South Coast NSW, Australia.