Dowry Clothing & Homewares re-using vintage textiles

Clothing & Homewares

Mixing Modern

& Vintage Textiles

Vintage clothing Vintage clothing Vintage clothing Vintage clothing Vintage clothing

Hand-stitched Textiles

Hand-stitched Tapestry

At Dowry we have a range of soft furnishings and furniture incorporating hand stitched textiles including tapestries, hand embroideries, prints and suzanis.

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Handmade Clothing

vintage fabric

Dowry collect vintage fabric and linen to handmake unique clothing pieces. Our clothing is designed and made in our workshop located on site at Dowry Store.

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Christine Land for Dowry

pin cushions

Dowry collaborate with artisans including Christine Land, who creates handmade pieces including dolls, pincushions and other miscellanea.

Not only do we collect vintage fabric including tablecloths, napkins and teatowels for our clothing and miscellanea, we embroider our own pieces too.

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